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Marketing-on-Demand: What Is It & When Is It Useful?

One of the key questions any organization must ask when it comes to its marketing is, “What do I want or expect my marketing to do for me?” The answers may seem obvious at first: sell more, reach more, and engage more tend to sum it up. 

But the various avenues that lead to these outcomes make assembling a marketing team and deploying a marketing plan complicated. Marketing is becoming more sophisticated and targeted, and there are more ways to reach audiences than ever before. 

With this industry shift, more companies are engaging in marketing-on-demand and finding that the investment is well worth it.  

Here are just a few examples of when marketing-on-demand leads to best possible outcomes. 


Building a Marketing Team 

For startups and new companies, deciding when and how much to invest in a marketing team can be a delicate balance. On the one hand, most CEOs know that marketing is an indispensable part of their company’s success; on the other, putting resources into the most immediate needs often trumps building a robust marketing team from the start. One way the C-suite can build out the internal team at a slower pace is by engaging with specialized outside agencies for marketing-on-demand in specific areas. Whether it’s social media content or newsletter development, marketing-on-demand frees up leaders to focus on high-level growth and direction while ensuring that customers are still being serviced satisfactorily. 


New-to-the Organization Projects 

In-house marketing teams juggle challenges that range from short term wins to long term brand awareness, office politics, working within budget constraints, and carrying the banner for brand consistency. That means when it’s time for a certain type of project, like a rebranding campaign or pivoting to a new platform for outreach, having an outside team of specialists to help the in-house team can be invaluable. This is especially true for supplemental seasonal or project work when the time and planning required would completely overwhelm a core internal team. Finding a reliable partner for marketing-on-demand not only helps companies see a noticeable return on investment for their bottom line but keeps staff from being overworked and stressed. 


Hiring Gaps 

Because marketing is such a vital part of a company’s operations, interruptions in staffing can range from inconvenient to downright disastrous. This gap can sometimes leave companies feeling like the need for an immediate hire outweighs the benefits of waiting to find and vet candidates who are really the best option. But the transition to a new hire is rarely seamless, because even the most seasoned marketing hires will need some time to evaluate the organization’s needs and formulate a plan for how they can best utilize their skills in their new jobs. 

SNR Creative’s marketing-on-demand services help fill the gap at organizations looking to hire a new Manager, Director, VP or CMO. We keep the “marketing machine” running until the right candidate can step in and stay on for 30-60 days post-hire to assist in the onboarding of the new team member.  


Curious to find out if marketing-on-demand is a good fit for your company? Get in touch. 

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