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Marketing 101

Three Ways to Prepare for a Business Transformation

Transformation. Transformative. Transformed. While these words are associated with positive, seismic shifts, the road to change, especially transformative change, is often bumpy and fraught with worry and procrastination. For example, If you’ve been paying attention to the news you know that the mass proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) has already begun disrupting and revolutionizing industries….

Marketing Budgeting for 2023

Is 2023 a recession year? Our budgets in business and at home have been on a wild ride since the pandemic. Marketing budgets are no exception. Recession or not, it’s always a good time to review your marketing budget.  What is or isn’t working Start with the basics. Is your business’s paid LinkedIn ads bringing…

The Importance of Metrics in Marketing

What are Marketing Metrics and KPIs and How Can They Be Used for Marketing Success As important as it is for businesses today to implement a marketing strategy, so is implementing measurements of success to ensure your marketing dollars are well-spent. What are marketing key performance indicators? It is noted companies must set up key…

SNRC| Blog: The Benefits of Email Automation

As you reflect upon 2022 give yourself a pat on the back for all the new clients you secured and the returning clients you had the opportunity to work with again. This success can leave many to wonder – what is the best way to stay engaged with previous clients and connect with potential clients…

SNRC Blog | End of the Year Social Media Audit Checklist

Social media is not a new concept. In the digital age, social media as a medium is a typical part of many successful businesses’ marketing plans. As we end the year and look back at many of our business objectives in alignment with overall goals, it is crucial to evaluate and ensure your social media…

Traditional Marketing is Still Effective in 2022

Choosing the correct marketing method is crucial for a marketer. Due to advancements in technology and the digital revolution, consumer communications expectations with businesses have changed. Now, the question stands – is traditional marketing still an effective way to reach your desired audience in 2022?   Traditional marketing is any method of promoting or communicating a…

Marketing-on-Demand: What Is It & When Is It Useful?

One of the key questions any organization must ask when it comes to its marketing is, “What do I want or expect my marketing to do for me?” The answers may seem obvious at first: sell more, reach more, and engage more tend to sum it up.  But the various avenues that lead to these…

3 Tips From Business Consultants to Drive Growth

As business consultants and marketing specialists, we’ve helped scores of clients find their niche and promote their services successfully. Through our Roadmap to Business Clarity workshops, we help you hone your business process and develop a custom strategy with actionable next steps to growing your business in a two-hour session.   In our consultations with…

Bringing Your Analog Company Into the Digital Age

Was your company around before the internet? Does online marketing feel unnatural to you?   The value of the services you provide to people has created many years of success and a long list of happy customers spreading the word about what you do—that’s worth celebrating.   But gaining new customers and keeping regulars means…

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