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Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Tips

With so many options these days, consumers are depending more and more on word-of-mouth marketing. They depend on others to help them find the right product or service provider for their needs. If you’ve ever read the online review before buying a product, you just benefited from word-of-mouth marketing.

You may be wondering how you can leverage that power for your business. Here’s a list of three ways to start generating word-of-mouth marketing organically, and in a way that engages your biggest supporters to help spread the word about how amazing you are!

1. Ask your customers or clients for a review

The most effective way is to simply ask the people you’ve helped or served to leave a review on GoogleYelpItunesAmazon or any other platform where your ideal customers hang out.

Even when we deliver exceptional service, the odds are stacked against us. People are quick to speak up and leave a review if they have a negative experience. It’s a way to vent frustration and prevent future pain. When someone has a good experience, they aren’t necessarily triggered to share their moments with anyone else. We have to gently nudge them.

It’s important to be strategic when you ask for a review. It’s best to reach out within the first week of when someone receives a new product. That is when they are the most engaged with it. At the end of a service provided, while someone is still enjoying the benefits, it’s the best time to ask.

Make it super easy for them to do! Have instructions ready to share so all they have to do is click on a link and type how they feel. There is a reciprocal dynamic at play that you can tap into. You’ve done something for them. They are more likely to return the favor if it’s not too big of an ask.

2. Create an incentive to spread the word

People love receiving a good deal! It doesn’t take much for people to feel taken care of by a company. Even a small amount like 10% off leaves a positive memory so someone is more likely to come back.

If you have the kind of business that can have a referral program of some type, create an incentive that your customers actually want. If it will allow them to get a new product sooner or at a deeply discounted price, they will be motivated to share their experience.

3. Be really good at what you do

Become the kind of company that is known for excellence. When you are consistent in what you provide, it builds trust over time and that trust causes people to mention you first as an option.

This last way of generating word-of-mouth marketing requires more time. You won’t necessarily see the benefits of it right away but people are watching and paying attention even when you aren’t actively aware. Anyone can do something well once. It takes a special company to continually operate at a high level so be that company.

How are you generating word-of-mouth marketing? Let us know!

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