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Starting A New Career? 4 Tips For Success

By: Brooke Roberts   Navigating the transition into a new field or career can be hard! You might be thinking: Am I going to excel at this? Can I apply any of my existing skills? What challenges will I face? I had those same thoughts when I started a new position as a Marketing &…

Anti-Racism Resources

A Note from our Managing Director   We are living in a time in the history of America that I am sure will be discussed and analyzed in coffee shops, classrooms, and courtrooms for decades to come. A global pandemic. An economic crisis. Unrest in cities due to homicide at the hands of law enforcement….

Working From Home Now? 3 Key Factors For Your Mental & Physical Success

Whether you’re new to working from home or you’ve been in the routine of it for a while, here are 3 helpful areas to consider to make sure your experience is productive and enjoyable while still feeling connected and not in isolation. There are many benefits to working from home: you save on gas, you…

Marketing tips for those who hate marketing

Think marketing is sleazy? This one’s for you. No time to read? Watch this episode of Minute Masters. What comes to mind when you think of marketing? Is your reaction positive or negative? How you acknowledge the M-word is important as a business owner because it can influence how you market your own products or services —…

Why We Don’t Get Help As Business Owners

As a business owner have you ever been in a situation where you knew you needed outside help but you were still hesitant to get it? We’ve all been there. You just push through doing the best you can. It’s a short-term fix and you know that but you’ll get to a more permanent solution…

In marketing and life, don’t worry about sunk costs

Let’s do a thought experiment together: What is the last item you purchased that you consider an investment? Is it that new-to-you car? A bag of Doritos? A self-improvement book recommended by Oprah? An engagement ring for your one and only? Only you can determine what makes it an investment. For some, the higher the…

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