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SNRC| Blog: The Benefits of Email Automation

As you reflect upon 2022 give yourself a pat on the back for all the new clients you secured and the returning clients you had the opportunity to work with again. This success can leave many to wonder – what is the best way to stay engaged with previous clients and connect with potential clients consistently? The solution is simple! It’s time for your business to implement an effective email automation system into your marketing strategy.

Email has grown into a powerhouse tool for communication. Access to email via your phone, laptop, and other devices has made email used twice in one sentence, try not to overuse a regular part of everyday life. According to the Harvard Business Review, business professionals check their emails 15 times daily – every 37 mins. So, what would be a better marketing tool to reach your audience?

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is part of a company’s marketing efforts that use utilize email as a communication channel to a select contact list. Whether it is used to promote business products, services, or educate company brand education, using email as a tool in marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies with a high return on investment (ROI).

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Building and Nurturing Relationships: As a simple communication tool, emails allow businesses to remain relevant in existing clients’ worlds and digitally introduce companies to their next potential client.
  • Driving Traffic: Emails direct your targeted audience to perform a specific action, from visiting your company’s blog page to prompting them to follow your business on social media. Emails can drive traffic to areas you want people to see.
  • Target-Specific Demographics: Email marketing allows you choose who receives the communication with a targeted contact list. Furthermore, due to the advancement in email marketing software, metrics allow this list to be refined and crafted to produce the best rates of engagement and, eventually, receive your desired results.


What is Email Automation Software?

Email automation software is the advanced, omnichannel technology solution used to expedite, improve, and automate the marketing communication process. Email automation platforms help simplify repetitive processes. Moreover, these platforms provide personalization, improved efficiency, increased vital performance indicators, more leads, and greater revenue.

Three Email Automation Solutions for Marketing

  • Constant Contact
    Constant Contact is the most straightforward automation software among the platforms listed below. It is an excellent tool for companies just beginning to dive ready to take the plunge into email marketing and list management. There are few smart technology capabilities compared to other platforms, such as no A/B testing and limited integration capabilities.
  • MailChimp
    By providing advanced features and analytics, MailChimp is recommended for established businesses looking to expand marketing capabilities through email. Also, MailChimp’s advanced features allow for the coding of branded emails versus just templates for use.
  • HubSpot
    HubSpot’s advanced automation system doubles as a multiuse marketing tool with inbound marketing services and a CRM. Simplifying the above run-on sentence: ‘Businesses looking to nurture leads and boost marketing initiatives will greatly benefit from HubSpot by the ability to track a buyer’s journey from start to finish. HubSpot includes landing pages and form integration, unlike other services, which are not limited to third-party integrations.


Type of Successful Automated Marketing Emails

  • Welcome Email
  • Newsletters
  • Event Invitation
  • Feedback Emails
  • New Product or Services Launch
  • Resource or Tools

Need Help with Email Marketing Automation?

SNR Creative is here to help! Our expert team specializes in successfully implementing email to aid a business’s growth via marketing strategies. We offer unique services to fit your business needs from creation to management and deployment. Contact us today to discuss how we can transform your business needs into reality!

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