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How To Be Profitable In Your Business From Day One

Do what the other 99% won’t do   So you want to start a business. Wonderful! Over 99% of U.S. employers are small business owners.[1] The business you create will help your community and provide for you and your family in more ways than one. It’s not without its challenges though. 82% of businesses fail…

How To Turn Your Business Values Into A Decision Filter

When something is a YES or NO, making decisions is a snap! If I asked you what your business values were, what would you say? If I would hear crickets, it’s okay. Many of us don’t think about our values on a daily basis but they are operating in our lives whether we acknowledge them…

Why We Don’t Get Help As Business Owners

As a business owner have you ever been in a situation where you knew you needed outside help but you were still hesitant to get it? We’ve all been there. You just push through doing the best you can. It’s a short-term fix and you know that but you’ll get to a more permanent solution…

In marketing and life, don’t worry about sunk costs

Let’s do a thought experiment together: What is the last item you purchased that you consider an investment? Is it that new-to-you car? A bag of Doritos? A self-improvement book recommended by Oprah? An engagement ring for your one and only? Only you can determine what makes it an investment. For some, the higher the…

Money Real Talk: Can You Afford Your Business?

You’re finally starting to make money with your business. Congratulations! Now how are you spending it? If your response is “Vegas, baby! I’m going to double my investment!” that’s not a long-term strategy for success. Let’s make sure you’re collecting a monthly salary and reinvesting in your business first. Here’s a checklist to know if…

How to put the “You” in your Business

Newsflash: You are not your business. You still work there. It’s important to remember that your business is an extension of you. This one mindset shift will allow you to start understanding that there are levels to the goals you are trying to accomplish. When you make decisions about what’s best for your life, your…

Your definition of success is the right one, and here’s why.

6 Houston Business Owners. 6 Different Answers. Article follows the order pictured by row   When you hear the word “success”, what do you think of? To many, success is measured by financial stability and high job performance. It is often seen as a competition between employees and peers — who gets promoted, receives a…

Success: It’s Not About the Money

We interviewed three women entrepreneurs in the Houston area and asked them to define success in their own terms. Funny enough, none of them mentioned anything regarding money, salary, or meeting financial goals. Something that is often wrapped up in the ideology of success, right? These business owners look at success in a drastically different…

How Three Houston Business Owners Define Success

Success can be a daunting word. It is often associated with the mindset of “making it big” or “climbing up the ladder”. Rarely is it seen as a measure of happiness and self-worth. Merriam-Webster defines success as a “favorable or desired outcome; also: the attainment of wealth, favor or eminence.’’ Notice that this is a…

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