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Ways to Build Your Digital Platform as an Author

With that final keystroke, your magnum opus is complete! But what good is a Pulitzer Prize worthy exposé, the next Great American Novel, or a sizzling audiobook… if you don’t have a digital presence?   Beyond printed marketing collateral and strategic events, today’s writers and creators are tasked with reaching larger audiences by building communities of…

Brand Touchpoints You Might Be Forgetting

In the crowded online space, seizing opportunities to stand out against the competition can be the difference between carving out your portion of market share and fading into the digital background. By identifying under-utilized brand touchpoints, you can enhance your connection to potential or current customers and foster brand awareness.    You’ve taken care of…

How To Build A Trustworthy Brand

Find out what to do and what not to do to build your brand’s credibility   Is your brand trustworthy? That is the first question on someone’s mind when they first encounter your business. The question of trustworthiness then breaks down into three areas – assessment of credibility, assessment of knowledgeable assets, and the fact…

#1 Reason People Don’t Trust Your Company Brand

If you are a human in the world, you have a brand. Simply put, a brand is what people associate with you. It’s their assessment after they first meet you and every interaction since. Are you a business casual or athleisure type of person?  Are you extroverted or shy? Whatever they think, their opinion can…

The Best Way To Use Social Media For Marketing

Consistency – The Most Important Social Media Marketing Strategy It doesn’t matter which social media platform you pick. They all provide a way for you to interact with your ideal customers.  What matters most is the experience someone has with you and what that looks like on whatever social media platform you pick. Do they…

How to Write a Capability Statement: A Guide for Small Business Owners

What Is A Capability Statement? If you only had 5 minutes to tell a potential client all you could offer, do you even know where you’d begin? This is where a capability statement comes in. A capability statement is a one-page document that you can use as a small business owner to show customers and…

5 Questions Your Website Must Answer

Did you know that when a potential customer finds your website, you only have 15 seconds to capture their attention? They quickly assess if the website is right for them, asking the question -“will I be able to find what I need?” As much as we all love treasure hunts, a visitor to your website is not…

The Type Of Website Your Business Needs

Being that we are in the digital age, having an online presence for your business is mandatory. The first thing most people do when they are making a buying decision is search Google. Whether it’s a general or a precise search, how can you ensure your business appears on the results page? Well, you can start with…

How To Write Anything For Your Business

Have you ever started writing something for your business and then stopped because you didn’t know what you should be saying? We have the three questions that anything you write should be able to answer. When starting writing something new, you might feel confused, or you aren’t quite sure of the point you should be…

Capability Statement
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