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Thinking of Starting a Marketing Agency? Don’t Waste Your Time (AND Money!) if You Don’t Know These Three Things

Written By: Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber, Managing Director of SNR Creative Agency life. I must admit, it has a certain ring to it and when you work in the creative space, the notion of starting your own agency is always swimming around in your head. I get it — the lure of new clients, new projects and full…

Speaking Your Client’s Love Language: Acts of Service

  You’ve heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words,” and for your clients, nothing rings more true if their love language is Acts of Service. When it comes to fostering a deeper connection with your clients, the only real evidence that they have of their experience with you is what they can see in…

Speaking Your Client’s Love Language: Physical Touch

Let’s get physical! But not in the way you think. In the business world, it’s a little harder to express the love language of Physical Touch to your clients in a way that doesn’t end up in Human Resources. But it’s still possible to demonstrate the intention behind this love language, because it’s all about…

Speaking Your Client’s Love Language: Gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? It means that someone else was thinking about you, and took the time to immortalize that thought with something tangible. In the business world, gifts can have a variety of meanings, but when it comes to your clients, here are three points to keep in mind to make sure you are…

Speaking Your Client’s Love Language: Quality Time

When it comes to speaking your client’s love language of Quality Time, remember that the focus is on quality. Every minute in business is money so be extra mindful of the time that is being exchanged when your client is communicating with you. When they finish their time with you, it should feel like a…

Speaking Your Client’s Love Language: Words of Affirmation

When it comes to creating the kind of business that thrives, there’s a symbiotic relationship with your client that must be nurtured each step of the way. According to Gary Chapman, the author of The Five Love Languages, there are five primary ways to communicate love that leave a person feeling seen, important and appreciated. It…

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