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How To Write Anything For Your Business

Have you ever started writing something for your business and then stopped because you didn’t know what you should be saying? We have the three questions that anything you write should be able to answer.

When starting writing something new, you might feel confused, or you aren’t quite sure of the point you should be making, or you may even know what you want to communicate with your customers, but it feels forced.

Content messaging is a significant part of marketing your business, however, you didn’t start a business to feel like you were back in high school literature class, so many put this task off.

Whether you hire someone internally or externally to produce your written content, your companies brand (tone and voice) and goals must first be fully defined.


So, where do you begin?

The first step is to set clear intentions before you start writing. What are you writing for – to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, grow SEO content, or expand your brand, to name a few. The goal behind your written content must be defined.

To make sure that your written content goals, whether a blog or website about me, aligns with the business’s brand and overall goals, here are three questions your piece must answer:

  • How do I want the reader to FEEL?
  • What do I want the reader to KNOW?
  • What do I want the reader to DO?

These three questions keep your content aligned for your targeted audience. Take the time to get really clear answers to these questions before writing, and what you need will become clear.


How do I want the reader to FEEL?

Words are powerful. They have a way of causing different emotions to the reader. It is crucial to think about the feeling you want your reader to walk away with as you’re brainstorming and writing content.

Also, “feeling” words help shape the tone and voice of the piece.

Do you want the reader to feel encouraged? You may use optimistic language and focus on a hopeful outcome.

Do you want the reader to feel connected? You may include a story so they can connect to someone else’s experiences.

Do you want them to feel entertained? You may include some humor and stay away from super formal language.

Your written content is based on your words and how they work together to transpire feelings into your reader.


What do I want the reader to KNOW?

What are the takeaways that your reader should have after reading your piece? How will this piece of writing help them in some way? Why should they even spend the time to read it? These are the questions you need to ask yourself while writing so you know exactly what your audience is looking for and provide the correct information.

Knowing what your audience needs to learn helps you create an outline of important points to cover. It gives you a starting point, so you don’t feel like you’re staring at a blank page.

Do they need to know that you have a new exciting offer that they can’t miss? Do they need to know the latest tip that will help them make more money? Do they need to know how one thing connects to another?

This step is crucial because including what you know they are looking for will keep them tuned in on the content.


What do I want the reader to DO?

It’s important to always include a “call to action” in every piece of writing. Think of the call to action as the action you want the reader to take after finishing your piece.

This action must be clearly stated, otherwise, it will feel like something is missing once the reader is done. They may think “now what” and if this happens, your content marketing goals or business goals may never be reached.

Do you want readers to register for an event, save the date, fill out a survey, or reach out to contact you? Whatever the goal might be, it needs to be clearly stated.

The more you write for your business using this method, you will see patterns emerge and the process will become simple.


If you need help curating creative messaging and written content, please feel free to reach out to us at SNR Creative. We are experts in taking your idea to reality in the most creative way possible.

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