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How Are Customers Finding You in 2020?

With so many options for consumers at their fingertips, it can feel impossible for your business to cut above the noise and be the loudest voice in the arena. If you’re just starting a business or want to increase revenue in an existing one, we want to give you three ways to make sure you’re visible for 2020 and getting in front of the customers you want. They aren’t flashy but they work because the foundations of marketing don’t change.

1. Local Searches

If you don’t currently have a Google My Business account for your business, set it up today. It’s free and powered by the biggest search engine in the world.

While 2-Day shipping has made it easy for people to shop online, they go to Google Maps when they want it same-day. They type in what they are looking for and the businesses that pop up in their local search are going to be their first choice.

Even if you’re an online business, you still want to pop up in those results. It’s much harder for a website to Rank #1 on Google these days. It’s much easier to show up in the Top Ten on a local search.

Most small businesses aren’t taking advantage of Google My Business so you will already be one step ahead.

2. Networking

Networking gets a bad name. Your mind might have immediately gone to a memory of awkward conversations and a pocket full of business cards that you toss at the end of the night. Let’s re-imagine networking and get to the heart of what it really means: connecting with someone who can benefit from what you have to offer.

It’s most effective when it’s in person because a person can see you and hear your excitement for what you’re offering. Humans like to buy from humans. You don’t want to walk up to strangers and start pitching to them in parking lots. It may work! But a better solution would be to find a way to allow someone to experience your expertise during a conversation or try your product in person.

That means you can’t be shy about talking about what you do. Take advantage of the #1 question asked when meeting someone new: What do you do? Have a ready answer that makes it obvious that you’re a resource. If you make an impression, they will follow-up if they are ever in need of your services.

You can also network online through social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. As soon as someone learns about you, they are going to Google you, so make sure that it’s easy for them to find you.

3. Referrals

Did you know that the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. (Altfield) That’s pretty high! The research shows that your existing customers are extremely valuable and are the easiest way for someone new to learn about you. If you’ve been taking your current customers for granted, it’s time to appreciate them.

We’ve discussed Word-Of-Mouth Marketing before because it’s the fastest way to short-cut the research process that someone does before making the decision to purchase from you. If someone who already trusts you, vouches for you, then the potential customer will feel better about trying something new.

Your product or service might be the greatest thing in the world but if you aren’t going to actively let people know, then it doesn’t matter how pretty your website is or how much better you are than the competition. Attention spans are short. People want solutions.

The secret is loving what you offer so much that you can’t stop talking about it. That’s how you stand out in 2020 because so many are doing the bare minimum and aren’t concerned with having success in the long-term.

If you love what you have to offer and need help to amplify your efforts then reach out to us today. We’re a full-service marketing agency who can grow with you so no matter where you are starting, we can help.

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