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How To Build A Trustworthy Brand

Is your brand trustworthy? That is the first question on someone’s mind when they first encounter your business.

They want to assess if you are someone who is credible, knows what they are talking about, and will actually help them.

Two things are always happening. You are either building trust or losing credibility.

Think of it like points! You responded to an email within 24 hours. Add 1 trust point. You have references that I can check out. Add 5 trust points. You bought your Instagram followers and someone notices. Lose 100 trust points.

If that last sentence caused you to pause, this brings us to the point of this article. When you inflate the reality of your business you are playing fast and loose with the truth and people can see through the facade. They may not know why they suddenly don’t trust you but they won’t do business with you just the same.

We don’t want that for you. You’ve put a lot of time and energy into building your business. You have great products and services and you’ve been trying your best to market them. If you’ve taken shortcuts, here are two reasons why they will backfire and you need to rethink your strategy. Once you’ve lost a customer, it’s very hard to get them back.

Why you shouldn’t buy followers and likes on Instagram

You keep hearing about how your business needs to be on social media. That’s true. You need to have an online presence beyond your website because there are currently over 3.5 billion active social media users worldwide. [1]

You just don’t know how to stand out. There are so many businesses so you focus on what you consider to be the most important metric – follower count. So you buy followers. You go from having 100 followers to 10K followers. That way when someone first lands on your Instagram account, you can activate social proof! “If all these people are following, it must be good! I will follow too!”

But did you know that it’s actually easy to know if your follower count is fake? Roughly, only 1% of your followers will engage with your content regularly by either leaving a comment or hitting the like button.

That means if you have 897 Instagram followers, it makes sense that only 10 people or more liked your last post. At the time of this article posting, that’s how many followers we have on our SNR Creative Instagram account. A recent post received 34 likes! It might seem like a low number but it’s actually incredible engagement.

SNR Creative Instagram Post Example

Oprah Winfrey’s Instagram account has 19.1m followers. On a recent post, it only received 165, 486 likes. That sounds about right! 1% of 19 million is 190,000. The same rule even applies to Oprah!

Oprah Instagram Post
So you can see how someone might get suspicious if you say that you have 10,000 followers and only receive 5 likes. You should be getting at least 100.

It might seem like a small thing but if someone thinks that you’re lying about something as small as Instagram followers, they might think, what else are they lying about? That’s not appearing trustworthy.


Why you shouldn’t your exaggerate your company size


You must have an “About” section on your website. People want to know exactly who they will be doing business with. Even a major corporation like Nike lists their executives on their website.

It leads to trust because if you have an issue, you know who you can go to. If a person can’t find a real person behind the curtain then it seems like a fly by night operation. A person can think that you’ll take their money and run!

Also, make sure you’re using the correct language. If you’re a solo entrepreneur, don’t use “we” language. Who is this “we”? You might be tempted to present yourself as a bigger business thinking that people won’t want to work with just you but that’s not necessarily the case. If you work with others, even on a temporary basis, you can make mention of it.

People want to be able to make fully-formed decisions and if they feel as if they only got partial information upfront, it will hurt your credibility. They will think, what else are they not telling me?

Do yourself a favor and present your company accurately. At all times. This is how you become trustworthy.

One Question To Test Your Credibility

Here’s a test to know if there’s anything you need to change about how you’re presenting your company.

Ask yourself: Is there anything I’m doing in my business where someone can potentially call me a liar?

If the answer is YES, then just don’t do it. Correct it immediately. The reputation of your business means more than fake followers and the presentation that you’re more than you are.

If you want to increase your Instagram followers in a more strategic, honest way, reach out to us at SNR Creative. We specialize in making sure you are getting connected to the right audience who wants exactly what you have to sell. It’ll be a perfect match!

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