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How To Write The Best Instagram Bio for Your Business


Your Instagram bio has a tremendous job to do. It gives every visitor a snapshot of who you are, what your offer, or what you can supply. It is vital that your bio must communicate this effectively.

Is your Instagram bio clear enough that even a caveman could sum your brand up in a word or two?

Ask yourself this question, “We post about _____.” Whatever your answer is, make sure your bio reflects this. Know what you want a visitor to walk away from your page remembering. A visitor should be able to say, “YES, this is for me immediately!” or “NO, this is not for me!”

As we go into the new year, here are three questions to ask yourself when creating or revamping your Instagram bio!


1. Who You Are

It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a company. In 150 characters, you need to highlight all the essential information you want a visitor to know.

What do you deem essential? If a visitor only had access to the information shared in your bio, will it be enough for them to know what exactly you offer? Your Instagram bio should be about what is the most valuable content for others to understand.

Take a look at SNR Creatives Instagram bio:

SNR Creative Instagram Bio

SNR Creative tells the visitor clearly what their business is about – “B2B Digital Marketing and Business Development.” Also, the Instagram bio highlights the target audience – professional industries from engineers to sports leagues. In addition, the bio includes #htx so viewers can know the location.

Pro Tip: Your profile name, which you can customize separately from your handle, gives you another 30 characters, and it doesn’t have to be your name. SNR Creative uses SNR Creative | Marketing to reinforce the fact that they are a marketing agency.

2. Why They Should Follow

What value will you add to those who choose to follow you? What sets you apart as the better option from your competitors?

Your Instagram bio should give them a promise of what to expect if they decide to follow you and engage with your social channel.

3. Next Steps

You want to make sure your Instagram bio clearly calls the reader to complete an action (other than following your account). You want to drive action, such as signing up for your email list, registering for an event, or heading to your site to make a purchase.

Also, your Instagram bio allows you to have an external link, and you need to use that link to direct them to a place where you can continue to nurture the relationship off of Instagram, like the link in the SNR Creative bio above.

At the end of the day, Instagram is only a marketing platform and extension of your business brand. You want to be sure to bring your potential customers to your place of business (website or storefront).

If you need help revamping your social media channels, contact us today! SNR Creative specializes in social media optimization and implementing the most successful strategic plan unique for your business.

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