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Your Emoji User Personality Type Revealed

Emojis have invaded and they are here to stay. With the release of new emojis like ‘leg’ and ‘Legolas’, there has never been a better time to use them.

Team SNR Creative had fun today during one of our brainstorming sessions when we realized that we all used emojis differently. We came up with six different types. Which one are you?

The Literal.

You only use emojis when contextually relevant. You use ‘praying hands’ only when you are actually praying, if at all. If there isn’t a need for the emoji to be there, you won’t use it. You take words texted to you at face value, and don’t overthink hidden meanings. You enjoy emojis, but only as an extension of your communication. It’s the exclamation point added for emphasis.

The Figurative.

To you, emojis are one of the best inventions in recent history. They offer you a way to use your wit and sarcasm in ways that regular text just won’t do. You like the fact that your entire response can be summed up in one emoji. You’re that clever.

The Expressive.

Your personality feels contained in the digital world! You use emojis to add the emphasis that usually your voice or hands provide. You are more focused on the emotional state of the ones you’re communicating with, and like face emojis and emoticons over any other kind. If you receive a text without a smiley face, you don’t always know how to respond to it. You are happiest when others use emojis with every single text communication too.

The Minimalist.

How are you even reading this? Your phone is off in the other room. For you, texting is reserved for information gathering and clarification. Is this the time that we are meeting? Can you pick this up from the grocery store? You use emojis sparingly simply because you aren’t a big texter, and when you do, you tend to use them in context.

The Overloader.

The exact opposite of the minimalist. These are the people who want to use 20+ emojis at the end of every paragraph & especially ones that don’t make any contextual sense. This category is inspired by your mother.

The Hybrid.

You’re a chameleon, and adjust your emoji use based on who you’re talking to. You’re a communication empath who seems to always know the exact right use of an emoji, but you don’t use them as an extension of your personality. They are a tool in your arsenal, and you just consider them fun!

Which one are you?

Did you see yourself in one of these types? Did we miss one? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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