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Prepare Your Business For The Holidays

Let’s face it – once fall arrives, so does the influx of major holidays that occur back to back. October comes to an end, and before we know it, a new year will be here. When it comes to your business’s marketing, we have a few tips on preparing for the holidays, so you don’t miss a step and can stay on track to reach your goals in the last quarter.

Preparation for the holidays is vital for your business to reach success and surpass your year’s goals – and it is never too early to prepare.

The winter holiday season means offices are closing for extended periods, clients are away for holiday vacation, slower communication time, and there is a lack of interest in getting new projects started. It is essential to keep your goals at the forefront, with a well-thought-out strategy on achieving them and conquering the challenges that come with the holiday season.


Here are three tips for business success this holiday season:

Tip #1: Have A Plan

Take the time to think about your goals from the beginning of this year, what you have accomplished so far, and if you haven’t, have you been getting closer to achieving them. Now may be the perfect time for a little push in the right direction to make sure all your business accomplishments are met.

What steps can you take to make sure each goal is successfully met? Take advantage of this time to plan out the necessary actions and tasks needed to have your goals met before your set deadline. Planning and preparation make for an easier process to reach success.

For example, suppose you have an online educational program and want a certain amount of registrants per class before year-end. In that case, you may run a promotional email campaign offering discounts for signing up to make sure you reach your goal number. However, without a plan in place, this marketing campaign will not achieve the desired results.

It is never too early to plan, and there is no such thing as being too prepared – remember, always plan for challenges and ways around them.

Tip #2: Make Sure It’s Covered

Like mentioned earlier, the winter holiday season means longer vacation times for you, your employees, and your clients. Is your business prepared for this absence?

It is crucial to think through every aspect of your business so that nothing gets lost or forgotten, and you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays without the worry that something was not completed or followed up on. Assign team members responsibilities for specific tasks to ensure every aspect of the business is covered, from posting on social media when the office is closed to monitoring your company email account. You don’t want to leave any loose ends that may cause your business goals to suffer.

Also, this is an excellent time to make sure everything at the business is up-to-date. For example, is everything accurate on your google my business page? Before going into the new year, make sure all the minor, attainable updates and changes happen.

Tip #3: Decorate!

Everyone loves a little holiday cheer (well, mostly everyone!).

Give your brand a new, temporary look by adding holiday touches and embellishments. It could be as simple as updating your LinkedIn or Facebook banner, or you could go all out with decorations on your storefront and physical office space!

Getting festive adds a human element to your business, showing potential and current clients your business’s personality.

If you need help preparing for this holiday season or ensuring your business reaches its goals through marketing before the year ends, contact us today! SNR Creative is the premier marketing agency specializing in business development and business clarity through coaching for our clients looking for immediate impact.

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