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Why Being Consistent With Your Marketing Strategy Is So Important

We’ve all been there before. We try a marketing strategy for a month or two and don’t see the results we want so we abandon the strategy for a new one. Rinse and repeat until we’re exhausted with the effort and disappointed that we aren’t seeing the return that we want to see.

At SNR Creative, we are big on setting our clients up with a strategy that they can implement in stages. Depending on your goals, there is always at least one strategy that you should be consistent on no matter what. That means showing up on the same platform with the same frequency.

You may be wondering, why is consistency so important? The answer is simple: It helps people not be confused.

When you are building a brand for your company, there are certain things your customers are going to associate you with. You actually don’t have any control over their final perception of you. Depending on each individual experience, each person will walk away with something different, but that’s okay. The important thing is that they are walking away with anything at all.

Interaction and feedback is the best indicator of your business’ health. If you aren’t providing a way for your customers to get to know you and reach out to you, your marketing is in serious trouble.

Take it from us. We’ve worked with clients where we have set them up with a perfectly tailored marketing strategy that they can implement on their own. Not all of them keep it up. The result is long stretches of time between posts on their Facebook or LinkedIn company page. Or an email newsletter that people forgot they signed up for so they immediately unsubscribe thinking that it’s spam.

When people don’t see activity, they start to assume all sorts of things, like maybe the business is closed. They don’t always reach out and ask. They simply move on to someone who appears to be active and available.

At the end of the day, we are solving problems for our customers. If they are seeking you out, they want to know if you can help them so it must be obvious that you can.

Be consistent with your marketing strategy. Show up. Even if it’s only once a week or month. Find a way to be available for your customers and they will keep you top of mind the next time they need your help.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a marketing strategy for your business, reach out to us at [email protected]. We’d love to help.

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