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The Best Way To Use Social Media For Marketing

Consistency – The Most Important Social Media Marketing Strategy

It doesn’t matter which social media platform you pick. They all provide a way for you to interact with your ideal customers. 

What matters most is the experience someone has with you and what that looks like on whatever social media platform you pick. Do they hear from you often, or do they feel ghosted? If they send a message, will you respond?

A brand is more than just your colors or photos. It’s the collection of every touchpoint from the moment someone learns about you to when they reach out to learn more or purchase from you. 

There are many steps in-between and it doesn’t happen overnight. That is why you must have a long-term strategy with your content.

When thinking about a strategy, ask yourself – what am I willing to commit to for an entire year?

Why a year? It’s a long enough time for your brain to understand that it requires effort. Most of us can stick with something for a month or two, but a year requires a commitment. 

If you’re thinking – “I don’t think there’s anything I can commit to for an entire year!” –  let us show you why it’s so crucial that you try. Even if you only release something new once a month. From a branding standpoint, it’s all about what people will remember about you. Being consistent helps in the following two ways.

1. You create an event for them.

When your customers know that you are going to post something once a month, you have instantly created an event for them. Something for them to look forward to. They don’t spend the rest of their time thinking, “I wonder when I’ll hear something from X company.” They know that they can just check back, and you will have something waiting for them. They know they won’t be disappointed.

For this to be effective, you have to set the expectations. Don’t be shy about letting people know when they will hear from you. Decide daily, weekly or monthly and stick to it. Display it proudly – “New blog post every Tuesday.”

2.You show your expertise.

There are many voices out there, and it can be a relief when someone can have a go-to person. When you are someone who is consistently providing value, people start to associate you with being an expert. 

When there is one area that you talk about repeatedly, you stay top of mind for them. When they need help, they already know they can trust you. 

Let your customers binge your expertise. 

If you’re wondering if people will still buy from you if you give it all away, the answer is yes! The right people would rather hire you because they know you can do it better. The binge listeners are the DIY crowd. Your perfect customers are those who want to learn more about who you are and what you can offer before they spend a dime. 

As you can see, there are benefits to committing to a social media platform and providing consistent content. Just choose one to get started. Once you have gotten into a flow, then you can add on others. But don’t rush too soon. You want to make sure that you can maintain a good experience for your visitors! 

If you know you’d like a social media presence but would like some help, reach out to us. We provide social media management on all platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and more! We’re happy to help.

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