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How To Build A Trustworthy Brand

Find out what to do and what not to do to build your brand’s credibility   Is your brand trustworthy? That is the first question on someone’s mind when they first encounter your business. The question of trustworthiness then breaks down into three areas – assessment of credibility, assessment of knowledgeable assets, and the fact…

#1 Reason People Don’t Trust Your Company Brand

If you are a human in the world, you have a brand. Simply put, a brand is what people associate with you. It’s their assessment after they first meet you and every interaction since. Are you a business casual or athleisure type of person?  Are you extroverted or shy? Whatever they think, their opinion can…

The Best Way To Use Social Media For Marketing

Consistency – The Most Important Social Media Marketing Strategy It doesn’t matter which social media platform you pick. They all provide a way for you to interact with your ideal customers.  What matters most is the experience someone has with you and what that looks like on whatever social media platform you pick. Do they…

How To Repurpose Your Content And Get The Most Out Of It

It can be challenging to come up with new content for your blog or social media channels week after week. That’s why repurposing (aka finding new ways to recycle your existing content) should be included in your content strategy. When you have one piece of content that you can use up to 5 different ways,…

What Your Instagram Numbers Say About You At First Glance

Last Updated: July 9, 2020 Instagram is currently living its best life! As of July 2020, Instagram has reached 1 billion monthly active users. Did you know that users spend on average 53 minutes a day on the Android Instagram app? And 72% of users have bought a product they saw on Instagram. Nod your…

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