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Speaking Your Client’s Love Language: Physical Touch

Let’s get physical! But not in the way you think.

In the business world, it’s a little harder to express the love language of Physical Touch to your clients in a way that doesn’t end up in Human Resources. But it’s still possible to demonstrate the intention behind this love language, because it’s all about giving them an experience that they can touch and feel.

According to Gary Chapman, the author of The Five Love Languages, a person whose primary language is Physical Touch pays way more attention than most when it comes to a touch exchange. Have you ever received a handshake that was like a dead-fish or death-grip?

For the client with this love language, it will be one of the things they remember most after the entire interaction is over. If they were made to feel uncomfortable, or like you weren’t excited to see them, it will color all of the other positive aspects of your meeting. It’s that important.

Be mindful of how they initiate or respond to your initial greetings. Are they always reaching for the handshake first? Have they playfully announced, “I’m a hugger!” before going in for one? Do they like sitting right next to you instead of across from you? Pick up on their physical cues, and then remember them for next time. It will make them feel more connected to you, if you go in for a quick hug first knowing that they secretly would really appreciate it.

In our previous article concerning your client’s Love Language of Gifts, we mention that you should stay away from all things branded. It helps to distinguish the lines between an actual gift and promotion. But when it comes to physical touch, giving your client something that they can see and touch on a daily basis that’s branded is actually okay.

If they have been in your office, and comment on a branded coaster or notepad, make sure that they go home with it! The difference is that it’s already been part of their experience with you, and it’s more like a token instead of a gift which is more targeted on things that are relevant to them. So if you have branded items, make sure that they are out and visible. Don’t keep them locked away in a box. It might be just the thing that your client needs!

So remember to keep Physical Touch in mind the next time you’re with your client face-to-face! You want to make sure that every interaction is memorable for all the right reasons. A little bit goes a long way!

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