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Speaking Your Client’s Love Language: Quality Time

When it comes to speaking your client’s love language of Quality Time, remember that the focus is on quality.

Every minute in business is money so be extra mindful of the time that is being exchanged when your client is communicating with you. When they finish their time with you, it should feel like a welcome addition, and never like it was a waste of time. They should look forward to getting updates from you because they associate time spent with you as forward momentum towards their goals.

Here are five important things to keep in mind whenever you exchange time with your client.

  1. Establish a communication rule that prioritizes saving time, and reaching clarity on both ends. For example, if there are more than two email exchanges back and forth about a particular point, the expectation can be that you two hop on a quick call to eliminate confusion.
  2. When a virtual meeting is scheduled, make sure that it’s clear who is calling who. No one wants to be staring at the phone waiting for it to ring. Be proactive, and send a calendar invitation with all the necessary details, and an overview of what the meeting will be about. That will help both parties keep the conversation on track.
  3. Lead the conversation. Wait until the end of the call to ask if they have anything else to add to the agenda because more than likely, you’re going to cover what they are already thinking, and it prevents random rabbit trails. Use every opportunity with them as a way to highlight your expertise, and remind them that they are in capable hands.
  4. Always start and end on time. If you are meeting in person, make sure that you arrive early, and that you are waiting on them instead of the other way around. Be mindful of time management, and don’t let things get to the point where they awkwardly ask to leave or be released.
  5. Whenever you are together, make sure that your personality shines! Be professional, but infuse what makes you likable. If you’re the type to offer adult beverages, make sure the environment supports it so they feel comfortable opting in. If you are known for humor, start the conversation light and break the ice. Whatever it takes for them to walk away with your brand the last thing in their mind.

When your client signed the contract, they entrusted you with the growth of their business, but also as another set of hands on their team. Let’s make sure that they feel like it was worth every penny, and speaking the love language of Quality Time is one of the ways you can support their experience with you.

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