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3 Webinar Mistakes To Avoid

You created a webinar that you’re proud of! Congratulations. You’ve done your best to promote it and now the day has arrived. You hoped for 100 attendees. Only 10 signed up.

Believe it or not, the number isn’t nearly as important as you think. It’s okay.

In 2020, we live in the age of the replay. People rarely show up live because they like information and entertainment to be available on-demand and when it fits in with their schedules.

They are also experiencing webinar fatigue. It’s a real diagnosis. Wanting nothing to do with sitting in front of a computer screen and listening to someone talk at them. Webinars used to be cool and an intimate way to connect with your audience without them having to leave their houses. Now, everyone is on a webinar every single day, just in the form of Zoom meetings.

You may be asking yourself: Are webinars still worth it? The answer is yes! You just want to make the most of them so that no matter what, you are providing value for you and your audience. Here’s how.

3 Musts For Your Next Webinar


1. Always record the webinar.

The number one mistake we see is companies not recording their webinars. It doesn’t matter if no one shows up. Your intention should be to record as if you have an audience of 100.

The worst thing that could happen is someone showing up 15 minutes after the start time and there is absolutely nothing happening because you’re just waiting around. It’s confusing and feels unorganized. Someone will likely not attend your next one.

As a presenter, you are creating an experience. The focus on the webinar should never be all about you. It is about what your potential clients are going to learn. Is it going to be valuable for them? If the answer is yes, then the information needs to be shared! You already have the webinar prepped and ready to go, just press record.


2. Allow people to pre-submit questions

We’ve already established that many people will wait to watch the replay later. You can engage with them and make sure they get what they are looking for by giving them the opportunity to ask questions ahead of the webinar.

It helps by doing two things:

  • Ensuring that someone will consume your content because they will be looking for the answer to their question.
  • You get to hear straight from your audience and the concerns they have. You will find ideas for new webinars, services, or blog posts because you’ll understand better, in their exact words, what they need.


3. Already have a plan to repurpose

A webinar is not a one-and-done event. Before you hit record, already know how you can use this content over again. This is another mistake we see companies making. They aren’t allowing their content to live beyond one day. Your audience keeps growing. The people who are just finding out about you today haven’t seen the content you posted six months ago. Your webinar has a longer shelf life than the hour you record it in.

You may be wondering, what are different ways I can use my webinar recording?

You can pull soundbites for your social media accounts. You can use a free app like Headliner App that will create a file that’s easy to upload and share.

You can upload the webinar to YouTube so future audiences can find your work. You can also direct people to the webinar if you receive an inquiry that the webinar already covers.

You can create a workbook to accompany your webinar, and it could become a product you sell. Think of your webinar as a mini class session. Your audience had the opportunity to learn for free when you hosted the live webinar so you don’t have to feel guilty about the information not being openly available. Also, by putting a price on it, people know that the information provided is valuable and they will make sure to sign up for your next webinar to get it for free.


What’s Next

As you can see, when you have multiple uses for your webinar beyond just the one-time event, it doesn’t matter if only 1 person shows up. Your labor and time will not be in vain. Don’t make these simple mistakes and make the most out of your next webinar!

Do you want to do a webinar but aren’t sure about the tech side? At SNR Creative, we can create the slides for you, run the event, and even moderate! So don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of this important tool in business development. Increase your visibility and your topic authority with a webinar. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

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