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Customer Retention

How To Build A Trustworthy Brand

Find out what to do and what not to do to build your brand’s credibility   Is your brand trustworthy? That is the first question on someone’s mind when they first encounter your business. The question of trustworthiness then breaks down into three areas – assessment of credibility, assessment of knowledgeable assets, and the fact…

#1 Reason People Don’t Trust Your Company Brand

If you are a human in the world, you have a brand. Simply put, a brand is what people associate with you. It’s their assessment after they first meet you and every interaction since. Are you a business casual or athleisure type of person?  Are you extroverted or shy? Whatever they think, their opinion can…

3 Webinar Mistakes To Avoid

You created a webinar that you’re proud of! Congratulations. You’ve done your best to promote it and now the day has arrived. You hoped for 100 attendees. Only 10 signed up. Believe it or not, the number isn’t nearly as important as you think. It’s okay. In 2020, we live in the age of the…

3 Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

“First impressions are important, but the last impression we leave with the customer will leave the most lasting impression.” Shep Hyken.    Have you ever been to a restaurant and enjoyed every last moment of your meal until dessert? It just wasn’t as satisfying as the rest of the meal and that’s the last thing…

How To Be A Sensitive Marketer During Covid-19

A Note from our Managing Director   COVID-19 took all of us by complete surprise and has sent a shock through the business community, especially the small business community. From one small business owner to another, I get it. It has been a hard journey so far and some say we are not quite near…

Why Being Consistent With Your Marketing Strategy Is So Important

We’ve all been there before. We try a marketing strategy for a month or two and don’t see the results we want so we abandon the strategy for a new one. Rinse and repeat until we’re exhausted with the effort and disappointed that we aren’t seeing the return that we want to see. At SNR Creative,…

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