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5 Ways To Grow Your Business This Month

If you’d like your business revenue to grow this month and aren’t sure where to start, here are five strategies to get you moving in the right direction with tools you already have set up. The more of them you apply, the greater your chance of success.

While it’s good to have one overarching marketing plan in place to help guide your efforts, you should never put all your strategies into one box. There are multiple ways for potential customers to find and connect with you, and you want to make sure you’re available in all of those spaces.

The #1 factor in whether your business will grow this month is if people know about it! So your primary responsibility is to amplify your company and the products/services you provide. With a few small tweaks, your marketing can start moving in the right direction.

1. Audit and refresh your website content.

If you are not updating your website content on a monthly basis, you are sending the signal to Google that your business is dead. Sounds harsh, but it’s true. Google algorithm rewards activity.

Every day, Google crawls your website to see if there is anything that would be beneficial to the millions of people who are searching for answers and things to buy. If Google crawls your website day after day, and each time there is nothing new, they start to think that the website is inactive. You might be open for business but they stop recommending you since they can no longer guarantee that your website is up-to-date for the people who are searching. Your website goes further and further down the list.

How can you avoid this? By refreshing your website content at least once a month. You can add a new blog post, update your services page or change your photos. There needs to be some kind of activity. Check out our Monthly Website Maintanance Checklist for additional simple things you can do to keep your website attractive to Google.

If your business doesn’t currently have a website, that should be the #1 thing on your to-do list. If you don’t know where to get started, check out our article on how to choose the type of website you need.

2. Resend your last email campaign to those who did not open.

You’re proud of yourself. And you should be! You’ve spent a lot of time crafting that last email newsletter you sent to your clients. But wait…did you only send it once?

If the answer is yes, you are missing the biggest opportunity to have more people instantly know what you’re offering. Send it again! In our experience, 90% of businesses don’t resend.

There should be an option with every email newsletter provider to resend an email to those who did not open your first attempt. There are many reasons why someone won’t open an email.

It landed in their spam folder. They had a busy day and your email was one of the ones they didn’t get to. The subject line didn’t grab their attention or seem relevant to them.

You can’t just trust that people will read the emails you send so get into the practice of always resending them. Change the subject line and give your subscribers an opportunity to open it again.

If you don’t currently have an email newsletter provider, we recommend Mailchimp. It’s what we use at SNR Creative and for many of our clients.

3. Use clear language to explain your services or products.

When someone is searching for a solution to their problem they are going to use very clear, everyday language. They will search for “dining room table.” Not “antique food bar.”

Spend some time going through your website and social media accounts and make sure that what you offer is very clear. There’s a time to be clever and it’s not when people are trying to understand what you do and how you can help them.

Remember: While others try to draw comparisons with their competitors on what they are not able to do/offer, you will stand out when you focus on shining a light on what you actually offer and talk about it in very clear language. Keep the focus on you.

4. Call your top customers/clients on the phone.

When’s the last time you got on the phone and talked to your top customers or clients? If you want to have more people like them supporting your company, they are the perfect people to learn from.

Create a list of at least ten people and schedule a time this month to chat with them on the phone. Keep the calls short. Only 15-20 minutes max and come prepared with a list of questions.

Use these phone conversations to discuss challenges that they are currently facing, gain insight to their life and the things that are important to them, and find out where they hang out online.

If they all say that they use Twitter but your company currently isn’t, now you have an idea of where you start putting forth additional effort.

You want to be where your people are and the best way to gauge if you’re on the right track is to talk to the people who have already paid you money. They only invest in things that are beneficial to them. You want to find out why so you can express that message clearly to others.

5. Create 6 pieces of content

Finally, create 6 pieces of content. The medium doesn’t matter. You can record podcast episodes. You can record YouTube videos. You could write blog posts. You can create social media posts.

Why six? Three will highlight your business and three will highlight your customers. You can alternate back and forth so you’re telling a story.

The idea is to generate some fresh awareness about who you are and how you help. You are giving people an opportunity to know you on a deeper level.

You are also showing appreciation to your customers by showing that you understand their needs and struggles if you speak directly to them. They immediately start to think – this company understands me! I can trust them to help me.

Commit to posting at least one/week and start to engage. This will give your marketing efforts the boost that it needs!

– – –

At SNR Creative, we are confident that if you implement these 5 strategies within the next month, you will gain momentum in your marketing efforts! If you need help, reach out to us. We’re more than happy to answer questions and get you on the path that’s best for your company and needs.

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