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Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2021

Outsmart the Competition: Competitive Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Over the years, the real estate industry has undergone dramatic transformations due to technological advancements and the digital revolution. When the 2020 pandemic hit, these changes were strengthened, launching most real estate day-to-day operations into the digital space.

Many agents have switched to digital listings, virtual house showings, and applying for financing options online, keeping up-to-date with the digital revolution trends in the industry.

Agents know that they have to be online and meet their audience, but how can they stand out in this highly competitive arena? To keep up and stay ahead of the competition, agents must include a competitive and creative strategy in their digital marketing plan.


Four Creative and Competitive Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents 

1. Be Consistent on Social Media

Your website is fully optimized, and your SEO is up-to-par. Where else can you meet your potential audience?

The answer is social media. Social media is a great tool to showcase your agency and gain interest from potential customers. The number one stipulation with social media is consistency – on branding, posting, and content. Your social media should be looked at as an extension of your website or your brand. What you post on social media should bring customers to your site or lead them to contact you.

“People make decisions about us very quickly. Does your content reflect you as a professional doing professional work?” said Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber, managing director at SNR Creative on the Prime Real Estate Network podcast. Inconsistency in post scheduling, content posted, and reflection of the brand values on the social media platform(s) will turn potential customers away.


2. Participate or Launch Webinars

How can you continue to grow your brand’s footprint and stay relevant in the real estate industry?

Show off your expert-level skills and professional knowledge in the real estate arena with a webinar series. The webinar series does not have to be just for other real estate professionals to learn from. Nowadays, everyone wants advice on the real estate market, and an informative webinar series will align you with that market. Also, webinars will add an element of trust and reliability that needs to be established to gain the confidence of potential customers.


3. Make Videos

Stand out from your competition.

When it comes to attracting clients, this may be the most helpful tool. Videos enhance every stage of the buying process in real estate. Photos and written content are quickly becoming a thing of the past. After all, listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those which do not {1}. Having a listing video made professionally goes further to entice prospective buyers by highlighting the property’s most impressive features.

“You can serve a different niche from the consumer market strictly from your visuals,” said Ric Davis, Prime Real Estate Network podcast.

Videos are also an effective way to build your brand as a real estate agent. Creating educational content that provides value to your target audience helps them gain trust in your knowledge. Choosing the right agent is an important decision for both buyers and investors alike, which usually requires lots of research. Educational video content is an effective and personal way to present yourself as an expert. Your potential audience is more inclined to go with someone showcasing the knowledge in the arena.


4. Partner with Local Businesses

Stay relevant in the community.

It is vital for real estate agents to localize themselves in their market. This can easily be done by partnering with other businesses in the area. Some ideas include inviting them to participate in open houses or providing them with monthly local trends in the market.

Having a good reputation with other local businesses expands your audience within your target market.


Need help getting started today? If you need assistance in implementing any of these strategies mentioned or are looking for a digital marketing agency, contact us today. SNR Creative specializes in helping businesses achieve their fullest marketing potential in the digital arena.


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