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SNRC Blog | End of the Year Social Media Audit Checklist

Social media is not a new concept. In the digital age, social media as a medium is a typical part of many successful businesses’ marketing plans. As we end the year and look back at many of our business objectives in alignment with overall goals, it is crucial to evaluate and ensure your social media strategies support your overall business measures. A social media audit is the perfect place to begin!

A social media audit evaluates your social media presence and strategy throughout your platforms. An audit reveals your advantages and disadvantages and the necessary next actions for development. With the digital marketing industry becoming increasingly competitive, performing an audit at least twice a year is essential to staying up to date.

Here are a few key things to look for when completing a social media audit:

Make Sure Your Branding is Aligned

Implementing your branding on your social media platforms will help boost your brand awareness which can optimize your sales or leads. One of the most effective ways to review your branding is to evaluate your profile through the eyes of the viewer. Identify the cohesiveness of each platform and ensure it fits your current branding guidelines. Profile pictures, logos, banners, hashtags, and messaging are all factors that contribute to your branding and what you should be identifying. No matter what industry you are in, consumers respond to your brand.

Identify the Type of Content that Performed the Best

There are various styles of content you can post, and more likely than not, some will perform better than. Whether it is photos on Facebook, TikTok videos, Instagram reels, Snapchat stories, or Tweets, all metrics are vital in shaping your brand. Through a social media audit, you can identify which platform receives the most traffic. Once you distinguish which posts and platforms have more engagement, views, and overall traffic, you can plan accordingly for your next content calendar.

Check Your Audience on Each Platform

Recognizing and understanding your core demographic like the palm of your hands is critical to your social media brand. This enables you to address your marketing initiatives precisely and specifically versus broadly and randomly. Put yourself in the audience’s position, consider their issues, desires, and requirements from their perspective and ask yourself who you are trying to target. Different demographics to consider are age, location, gender, and interests. It is also important to remember that your demographics could be different on each platform.

Perform your social media audit and update your strategy to be on track for your 2023 goals!

Need assistance in performing your social media audit? Get in touch to schedule a consultation. SNR Creative is here to help!


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