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You know you’re a marketer when….

Marketers are a special group of people.

If you’ve already judged the title of this article and photo, and immediately thought about how it could be better, chances are, you’re a marketer.

We look at the world differently. 

We see potential everywhere. 

We can’t shut our minds off because at any moment, we can connect a dot we need for the most incredible campaign idea ever! 

We’re celebrating fellow marketers this week with some fun. You’re our people!

You know you’re a marketer when….


  • During a movie, you can spot every ad placement. Funny how the characters only eat Subway.
  • You know the correct sizing for images on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter off the top of your head. 1080×1080 anyone?
  • When your neighbor’s child asks if they can mow your lawn, you get copy paper and help them create a flyer.
  • You check your open rates on your latest email campaign and get excited when it’s over 20%. It’s your “Price Is Right” moment.



  • You have Call-To-Actions in your personal email signature. Click here to take a quiz to see if we’re best friends.
  • You have a digital graveyard of examples of ads that you’ve screenshotted because “research”.
  • You know your client’s brand hex colors and fonts by heart.
  • No one can explain what you actually do. “She does something on the computer, I think.”



  • You keep taking marketing courses and classes because “it’s fun!”
  • You Google in incognito mode by default because you don’t want cookies following you as you obsessively check your client’s rankings.
  • You subscribe to random brands’ email marketing just to see what they’re doing, and secretly think you’re doing it better.



  • As soon as something exciting happens in the office, you immediately think, “We should share this with our followers!” #BOOMERANG
  • You mentally turn every conversation into a potential blog post.
  • You get sad for businesses that still don’t have an online presence.


Did we miss one? Share it with us in the comments below!

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