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Traditional Marketing is Still Effective in 2022

Choosing the correct marketing method is crucial for a marketer. Due to advancements in technology and the digital revolution, consumer communications expectations with businesses have changed. Now, the question stands – is traditional marketing still an effective way to reach your desired audience in 2022?  

Traditional marketing is any method of promoting or communicating a brand offline (or not on the internet.) Traditional marketing has been evolving for ages, becoming a regular part of daily life that many do not think twice about when encountering. For example, viewers who watch Sunday night football expect to see television commercials, and drivers are not shocked by the billboards on the side of the highway. Traditional marketing has integrated into everyday life. 

Type of Traditional Marketing  

  • Print Publication: This features any publication and advertising in newspapers and magazines that run on a specific cadence, such as monthly or daily. Published content is advertising that uses text, graphics, or both to promote a business’s brand.  
  • Broadcast: One of the most popular forms of traditional marketing is broadcasting advertisements or TV commercials. 
  • Billboards: These are large outdoor advertising structures, typically found in high-traffic areas alongside busy roads that grab the attention of drivers.  
  • Direct mailers: This tactic features a mailed advertisement such as a postcard or a notice in mass production to the company’s target area or city. 
  • Radio Spots: These broadcasted ads target consumers via radio spots that are usually 30 or 60 seconds. 
  • Telephone Calls: Also known as a cold outreach, these advertisement tactics consist of phone calls and text messages for various businesses and their services. 


Advantages of Traditional Marketing  

  1. Connect locally: Consumers rely heavily on personalized communication and relationships in today’s market. Traditional marketing allows professionals to target the heart of communities and establish a brand presence relatable to a specific area.  
  2. Sustainability: Unlike asocial media post or an email blast, with traditional marketing, the same content can be repurposed – like a recurring tv commercial or business cards.  
  3. Accessibility: Digital marketing allows marketing content to be “skipped” or “blocked” by simply pushing a button. Whereas, traditional marketing will advertise multiple times, reminding the audience of the brand.  
  4. Credibility: Traditional marketing holds the notion of a company with a bigger budget and established background to promote its content. A company’s credibility is strengthened by associating traditional advertisements with familiarity.  


Digital marketing is at the forefront of reaching current and potential customers. Most marketing professionals have successfully dived into the digital marketing world and integrated multiple digital tactics into their strategies. Digital marketing should be considered an extension of traditional marketing’s evolution and not used solely. Businesses incorporate traditional tactics to boost a brand.  

Advantages of Incorporating Traditional & Digital Marketing into Strategy  

  1. Implementing traditional marketing tactics to an already established marketing strategy allows for content that has been published digitally to be repurposed in a traditional format and vice versa. It also adds another touchpoint to reinforce the brand with the element of adaptability. An example of this can be a social media graphic converted into a door hanger with the resident’s name printed on it.  
  2. Traditional marketing allows for the demographic to be broadened. Reports show audiences ages 50+ spend almost twice as much time reading the newspaper and watching TV compared to those aged 21-34.  
  3. Traditional marketing allows for the longevity of digital advertisements. Traditional advertisements usually run for a more extended period of time versus a social media post or an email that is shared once and is only seen in a short period of time.  


Success and growth are affected when a business implements a robust and structured marketing plan unique to the company and its goals. Contact SNR Creative today to learn more about innovative marketing tactics that produce growth and scalability for your business.   

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