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5 Questions Your Website Must Answer


Now that you know the type of website that is best for your business, here are five questions that your website must be able to answer to be effective. Did you know that when a potential customer finds your website, you only have 15 seconds to capture their attention? They want to quickly assess if this website is right for them. They want to know, “Will I be able to find what I need?” As much as we all love treasure hunts, a visitor to your website probably won’t be in the mood. They want to find their pot of gold immediately. Let’s make it easy for them.


1. What do I want to rank for?

If someone typed a phrase in Google and you could immediately be the first choice available, what would those words be? It’s important for you to know how you’re the solution to someone’s problem. This is also known as a keyword. What is the one word or phrase that best sums up what your business is all about? It needs to be front and center as soon as someone lands on your website.

If you’re looking for a car mechanic and you land on website that doesn’t explicitly state that they do car repairs, you’re going to think you’re on the wrong site and immediately go somewhere else. This is not the time when you want to be clever or use jargon. Use exactly the language that your website visitor would use to find you.


2. What is the #1 action I want someone to take?

It’s important to have a goal for your website so you can track if it’s being effective or not. What do you want a website visitor to ultimately do? Do you want them to email you? Purchase a handbag? Sign up for your email list? Schedule a complimentary consultation?

If the goal of your website is for people to book a therapy consultation, you need to make sure that it’s very easy for them to do. You need a big button in a distinct color that says, “BOOK NOW,” at several different locations throughout the site. You need to create a user journey where they see what you have to offer and then take the exact action that you want them to take.


3. What do my visitors need to know?

Put yourself in the shoes of your website visitor and ask yourself, “What are the questions I would want the answers to if I was searching for this product or service?”

You need to make it very clear that you are open for business! It could be as simple as stating, “Order Now,” “Accepting new clients,” or listing your operating hours. This lets someone know if they will be able to get what they need from you.

What are the typical deciding factors for someone? For example, if you are a coffee shop, you want to mention if you have complimentary wifi or not.

If appropriate for your company, add complete contact information (address / phone / email) to the footer of all pages. Or, add a visible link to the Contact page so if they can’t find what they are looking for, they can ask.


4. How do I want them to contact us?

You want to spend time creating your Contact Us page because it’s often the number one place people go. Sure. They could scroll through your entire website to find the answer but oftentimes, people want a direct answer to their direct question so they will reach out to you.

Decide in advance the method of communication you can handle the easiest. If you do not want to be answering questions over the phone, do not include a telephone number. Only have an email address or contact form instead.

Some people utilize pop-up chatboxes as a way to capture people’s questions easily so they can follow-up with an email later. Decide how you want people to contact you and then make it super obvious.


5. What can they expect?

If this is someone’s first experience with your company, they need a preview of what it would be like to work with you or order from you. You can present this information in a few ways:

  • Testimonials. There’s nothing better than social proof to build a person’s confidence that they are making the right choice. If someone else trusts you, it makes them feel as though they could trust you too. Use the comments or reviews from previous customers and showcase them.
  • The Next Steps. What happens after someone decides to work with you? Do they need to fill out a contact form or can they book you immediately? When can they start working with you? Immediately or will it take a few weeks?

It can be as simple as stating Step One, Step Two and Step Three. It helps to set their expectations from the beginning so that they feel confident about their investment.


* * *

If you answer all five questions and make sure to include their answers on your website, you will have a higher conversion rate. A conversion rate is when someone stops by your site and takes an action that you want. Like contacting you or purchasing an item. If someone stops on your website but doesn’t actually do anything, it either means your website isn’t for them or they are confused. Do what you can to make sure they aren’t confused and your online business will be an effective tool for you.

When you finish your website, share it with us so we can provide feedback! We offer a website auditing service for business owners just like you.

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