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Marketing 101
3 Webinar Mistakes To Avoid

You created a webinar that you’re proud of! Congratulations. You’ve done your best to promote it and now the day has arrived. You hoped for 100 attendees. Only 10 signed up. Believe it or not, the number isn’t nearly as important as you think. It’s okay. In 2020, we live in the age of the…

Marketing 101
How To Audit Your Marketing Plan

  When’s the last time you thought about your marketing plan? Did you create a strategy and then set it and forget it? It may not be the best plan for your business any longer.  Here’s a quick four-part audit that you can perform to see if your marketing plan strategy should stay or go….

Marketing 101
5 Ways To Grow Your Business This Month

If you’d like your business revenue to grow this month and aren’t sure where to start, here are five strategies to get you moving in the right direction with tools you already have set up. The more of them you apply, the greater your chance of success. While it’s good to have one overarching marketing…

Marketing 101
How To Outline A Webinar

We are in the age of zoom calls and webinars. They are the perfect way to market yourself as a thought leader in your industry or expand your brand portfolio. How can you make sure your webinar event goes perfectly? Webinars provide a way for someone to get targeted information about a subject or brand…

Marketing 101
How To Be A Sensitive Marketer During Covid-19

A Note from our Managing Director   COVID-19 took all of us by complete surprise and has sent a shock through the business community, especially the small business community. From one small business owner to another, I get it. It has been a hard journey so far and some say we are not quite near…

Marketing 101
Your Marketing Crisis Management Plan for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The 2020 Coronavirus has taken the world by surprise and disrupted industries and countries without discrimination. It’s a legitimate crisis that has far-reaching consequences for business owners – big and small. If you had suppliers in China or Italy, you’re now experiencing delays. If your business is centered on events that are now canceled, what…

Marketing 101
How Will Your Customers Find You in 2022?

Are you ready for marketing and increasing visibility in the post-pandemic business world? As many businesses’ day-to-day operations moved online, most companies solidified their spot in the digital revolution and implemented a digital strategy in their marketing plan. However, with so many options, companies have to get in front of consumers with methods that stand…

Marketing 101
Marketing tips for those who hate marketing

Think marketing is sleazy? This one’s for you. No time to read? Watch this episode of Minute Masters. What comes to mind when you think of marketing? Is your reaction positive or negative? How you acknowledge the M-word is important as a business owner because it can influence how you market your own products or services —…

Marketing 101
Life Lessons to Take from An Internship

Landing an internship while in school is such a great accomplishment. It prepares you for life outside of school and sets you up for success by making you a more responsible member of society. One of the biggest reasons to get excited about an internship is that it presents an opportunity to grow. There is…

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